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Beaumont Wilshire Volunteer Group “At Work”

Rebecca Erickson Job AA recent Saturday morning favorable sun break between the rain clouds shone brightly on a small crew of the Beaumont Wilshire Volunteer Group as they helped a fellow neighbor with spreading some mulch and removing a stubborn bush root. Remember the BW Volunteers stand ready to help those neighbors in need with yardwork and other simple maintenance needs, contact John Sandie (


Alameda Stairs Clean-up

Mother nature provided late morning sunshine on Saturday, Nov 8th, to highlight the efforts of a group of Beaumont Wilshire neighbors along with Troop 107 scouts who pulled, raked, trimmed and cut down unwanted vegetation from both the 42nd and 43rd avenue public stairways along Alameda Ridge. Planting bulbs for spring started at top of the 43rd Avenue stairs beds that had been cleared out; and will be finished in the coming weeks. Thanks to BWNA Board member, Dave Whitaker, for coordinating the event and working with Foot Traffic to host a fund-raising walk on Sat., the 15th.


BW Volunteer Group

Do you know a neighbor that could use a helping hand?

The Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Volunteer Group stands ready to pitch-in.

—- cleaning chores, yard work, window washing, garage/storage organization, simple fresh up painting.


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