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Wilshire Park wood chip spreading

Sent March 31st 2016

Wilshire Park wood chip spreading Little up date from earlier email..     only the Friday morning 8:00 am session is now planned , since there is only half of planned wood chips available this week.  So no Saturday work is planned..Don't forget to bring heavy rake as PP&R has only so many..Regards,John Sandie ...

Wilshire Park help..

Sent March 29th 2016

Wilshire Park help.. Neighbors, just received this note from PP&R. They were responding to earlier email I had sent them in support of some neighbors who thought the DOLA in park needed some attention; unfortunately, PP&R gave us very short notice ( believe due to favorable weather forecast)..  any help you could offer would be appreciated.John,____The Parks Bureau is delivering 150 cubic yards of forestry chips to the Wilshire DOLA this Wed and Thursday.  Can you send an email blast to reside...

Re: Mixed Use Zoning Meeting fiasco

Sent March 18th 2016

We are not the only neighborhood subject to planning department abuse. This is from today's Oregonian ( ) *Secretive Portland planners have run roughshod over Eastmoreland (OPINION)**By Robert McCullough *Portland's land use planning process ­ once held out as a national model ­ is now just a tattered shell. Many decisions have been made in back rooms far from the public eye. Even worse, attempts at public involvement have ...

Re: Mixed Use Zoning Meeting fiasco

Sent March 16th 2016

Re: list Re: Mixed Use Zoning Meeting fiasco I'm Facebook friends with Barry and his wife.I can verify that he is in Florida with his family.It's possible that the photos are fake -- but that seems like a lot of trouble to go to.Thanks!TP Ted Perkins* Perkolation Page Works & Hollywood Star News m:503-381-4262 | |    The latest Northeast and North Portland neighborhood news: Madison High names Abigail Reyes Santiago as princess Latest Tweet: ...

Re: Mixed Use Zoning Meeting fiasco

Sent March 16th 2016

My guess is that they weren't ready and, to avoid embarrassment, they just lied. Might try calling downtown and asking for Barry & see if he's in. If you know his direct line or extension, you might see if ha has a vacation message on his voicemail. The other possibility is that they moved the meeting to avoid the public. See (right column) thanks JK At 09:00 PM 3/16/2016, Jack Bookwalter p.p. BW Mail List" (jackbookwalter _at_ yahoo. wrote: /(Mailing list infor...

Mixed Use Zoning Meeting fiasco

Sent March 16th 2016

BWNA BoardI told you all at the Board meeting this Monday that the Mixed Use Zoning Advisory Committee meeting where they would reveal the long awaited -- and many times postponed -- zoning maps for Fremont St (and other commercial pockets) would be revealed this Wednesday. So when I got to the 1900 SW 4th building this afternoon they told me that Barry Manning, the head planner for the project, was on vacation and the meeting would not be held. Unfortunately he (they) didn't let any of us regular o...

Taste of Beaumont/Elections

Sent March 16th 2016

Taste of Beaumont/Elections Reminder of our annual elections and Taste of Beaumont event on April 11th, 6:30 pm at the Beaumont Middle School cafeteria.  Food will be supplied by generous donations of local eateries and the BMS band will provide entertainment during first half hour.Three at- large Board positions ( 2 year terms) will open up in April, so now is opportunity to step into one of these positions and add your valuable effort to improving our Beaumont Wilshire  presi...

Feb 8th BWNA meeting

Sent February 6th 2016

Feb 8th BWNA meeting Just a reminder of Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Assoc. meeting this Monday at 7:00 PM at the Bethany Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall ( 37th and Skidmore). We'll be reviewing neighborhood events and issues, news on land use concerns, presentation by Villages PDX ( helping folks age in place) and opportunities to get more involved in local decisions. Hope to see you Monday. John SandieBWNa President ...


Sent January 4th 2016

Hi folks,I'm a volunteer down the street at the Pinball Outreach Project. I'm going to open the doors from noon to 3 p.m. to give kids something to do. Donations appreciated. We are near Smallwares at 46th and Fremont.Rebecca Roberts GallowayYou can also reach me at or on Twitter @rebeccarrg.//Sent from my iPhone ...

BWNA Newsletter help

Sent December 22nd 2015

BWNA Newsletter help Around the holidays there is usually a need for some temp help delivering newsletters; this year is no different.Please contact ( email or call) Serah to offer to fill-in a route.serahbreaks@gmail.com971.219.3492Thanks much,John SandiePresident BWNA ...

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