Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Survey Results

The results indicate a continuing major concern with land use issues around demolitions and new apartment development; in addition, traffic issues remain a relative high priority for many folks. Full results below… If you would like to lobby for a particular cause, please contact to get on the agenda for next Beaumont Wilshire meeting ( held 2nd Monday of each month, except August)

Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Survey – April 2015     Results

% of respondents that included particular item 

Land Use

Housing demolitions and replacements  80%

Apartment building development  37%

Fremont Neighborhood Corridor Mixed-use zoning in City’s Comp Plan  40%



TriMet bus service on Fremont  40%                 ( buses too wide)

Fremont and 33rd traffic control  30%            ( additional traffic control between 33/42th)

Sidewalks on 47th     17%         ( green space/views, sidewalks Alberta Ct – 38->41)



 Wilshire Park water feature  7%   ( wading pool)

Additional playground equipment  7%

Fund raising for future special projects at Wilshire Park   3%



Establish more Neighborhood Watch areas     17%


Add more neighborhood wide events (such as NNO picnic/movies in the park).    25%

Suggestions  (music/singing, holiday food drive, more early kids’ friendly events)__

More food vendors at Movie in the Park   3%

More beautification projects (such as Alameda Stairs Clean-up)  25%    ( great job on stairs!)

Suggestions __( islands on  33rd,  street art at intersections)______


Other:   10% 

Encourage more block parties, crosswalk at Ceasar Chavez and Fremont, low hanging/overlapping

trees 35 ->42nd, thin trees at Wilshire Park – too dark/cool



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