December 2000
January 2001



What's Happening on

NE 46th and Fremont?


By Sam Fenstermacher
Land Use Chair, BWNA

Proposed building

When you think of the way you would like our neighborhood to look in 5, 10, or even 20 years from now, what comes to mind? More single-family houses, row houses, condominiums, retail shops, and small businesses? Well, the future is now. Development is underway that will impact the way our little hamlet will look for the next generation. As we have seen over the past 10 years, there have been significant changes in the Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood-including development by Rose City Cemetery and many new businesses in Beaumont Village.

And more changes are underway. The Sundance Development Corporation has purchased the vacant house on the northeast corner of 46th Avenue and Fremont Street. The developers are approximately one month from obtaining a building permit and expect to begin construction after the first of the year on the nine-month project. The final development will have four stories.

The site would include retail on the main floor with owner occupied 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums on the second, third, and fourth floors. There will be 16 residential parking spaces behind the building. The height is going to be the maximum allowed by the zoning, 45 feet. The building will have a zero setback at the front and side.

This development will be unique in our neighborhood and will create quite a different look for NE Fremont Street. Currently, all of this development falls within the City of Portland's zoning and development guidelines.

However, the developer, Tim Ray has agreed to meet with us to discuss the proposed development and address our concerns regarding appearance and footprint. Come make an impact on our neighborhood development and hear our newest neighbor describe the proposed changes to the Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood on Monday, Dec. 11, 7:30 PM, at Bethany Lutheran Church, NE 37th and Skidmore.

For more information on Land Use issues contact Sam at 503-288-7877 or

New Trees for Beaumont School

By Janet Baker

By the time you are reading this newsletter, we will have three new trees on the south side of the middle school. On November 18th, Rob Crouch, City Forester and Beaumont resident, his crew and the students planted three trees. There is a tree now on either side of the sidewalk that leads students to the front door. Another tree was planted in one of the wooden boxes to replace a tree that died there.

The next step in the project will be to landscape the beds on either side of the southside door. Students, parents, and other Beaumont residents helped clean out these beds in late September. Hopefully all those helping hands will return to plant shrubs and trees in early February. We will be announcing the exact date of this event at a later time.

We are also planning to repaint the "pencil fence" as part of our overall goal of improving the appearance of the school. We will be contacting the original fence designer to get his thoughts on the best way to repaint the fence.

Many thanks to everyone who is helping with the project! For more information on the landscaping project contact Janet Baker 503-288-3441 or

President's Message

An Invitation to Get Involved

As I am writing this message, the future President of the United States is still unknown. In fact, it may be December before the issue is decided. While the situation highlights a problem with the election process of the highest office in the land that stems to the days of our founding fathers, it also provides an opportunity for us to revel in the most successful form of government ever created. Through the effort of our friends and neighbors, and possibly ourselves, we are able to (hopefully) choose a leader from among our peers. And although it seems fraught with problems and faults, it also provides for a method of self-correction. I am, of course, referring to our need to be involved, at some level in the future of our country and democracy. While I am not suggesting that we rush to drape ourselves in the shawl of a political agenda, we all must be aware of the topics and have an opinion that we are willing to share with each other.

Our neighborhood is currently experiencing the effect of political forces in which most of us did not participate. An example of this is the urban growth boundary and its effect on our neighborhood. Much of the effect is positive, such as increased property values, a renewal of tired homes, new opportunities for local shops and businesses, and fresh faces. Other effects are less desirable: the crowded streets, a potential for increased crime, multi-unit housing projects that stretch the intent of current zoning laws, and parking concerns. Although individually the projects currently underway and many others that are planned do not threaten the character of our neighborhood, collectively they might.

I invite and encourage anyone interested in achieving a balance between the inevitable growth and change of the neighborhood and the desire to maintain the character and charm of Beaumont-Wilshire to participate in our neighborhood association. I am not suggesting that we band together and fight change. I believe that to be counter-productive and ultimately naive. We can however, influence the direction of change and provide a legacy for future generations by insuring that the reasons we choose to live here are not overshadowed by the goals of others.

Oh by the way, since this is the last issue before the holiday season, Happy Holidays to everyone! Willie Nolan BWNA President

Business Focus
Foot Traffic

A Big Welcome to "Foot Traffic"

By Janet Baker

Beaumont is a great neighborhood for those of us that like to use our feet as a mode of transportation. Now we have a local business to help us do just that. In October, John Dimoff and David Pietka opened Foot Traffic, a new shop located at 41st and Fremont (in the site vacated by Video Chest). They carry walking and running shoes and sports apparel for men and women. They also sell baby joggers and a variety of sports accessories (heart rate monitors, watches, etc.) John and David also stock an extensive array of fitness books and periodicals and a comfortable sofa to use while you peruse these books.

They hope their store will serve as a magnet for active people in our neighborhood. At 9 a.m. every Saturday, walkers and runners can meet at the store for a group run (or walk). Once a month they will have clinics on various exercise and health topics. Look at the reader board on the Fremont side to learn of upcoming clinics. The store also provides a community bulletin board for posting garage sale notices, requests for walking partners, etc.

You can check out the latest edition to the Beaumont business community Monday through Friday 11:00-7:00, Saturday 10:00-6:00 and Sunday 12:00-5:00. They can be reached at 503-284-0345.

Business Focus
Tri Level Fitness

Tri Level Fitness Moves to the Next Level

By Margaret Davis

While working at a downtown athletic club, longtime fitness instructors and personal trainers Steve Schulz and Lori Rede began to yearn for a gym of their own to coach their growing roster of clients. They started small: fitting out a 1,300-foot space at 4815 NE Fremont with free weights and traditional fitness equipment, Schulz and Rede quietly opened for business in May 1999.

Business didn't stay quiet for long. "We started Tri Level Fitness to provide better services to our clients," Schulz says, but when the gym debuted a couple of low-key circuit training classes, the phone kept ringing. Schulz and Rede scrambled to write up a waiting list. The classes, which at first were offered to supplement the personal-training business, "were what enabled us to expand," says Schulz.

In early November, TLF nearly doubled in size, adopting space formerly occupied by Allstate Insurance and making the waiting list moot. The classes have also received a boost. Aside from the circuit training program, which is now offered five days a week and attracts about 40 participants, TLF offers Spinning, sports conditioning, "body basics" (described as a mat-based body conditioning class), fitness for seniors, Feldenkrais (a cross between Pilates and tai chi) and, of course, personal training.

People who want to stay a step ahead of the holiday pounds, maintain or reach a certain fitness level, or get in shape for winter sports can choose from among 20 classes. The classes are small enough that instructors easily provide individual attention. Schulz and Rede, along with TLF's staff trainers, can also design and monitor customized fitness programs.

Schulz is proud of the fact that TLF has brought in people who wouldn't otherwise come to a gym. "Lots of people are intimidated by the big-gym scene," he says. "Tri Level Fitness is definitely not a mass-market fitness place." Tri Level Fitness phone number: 503-493-2413.

Business Focus
Hail Mary--Mary Tapogna

New Art Gallery Hosts Group Show

By Helen Koba

Beaumont Village welcomes a new art space, 'Hail Mary', to Fremont Street. Local artist Mary Tapogna opened the gallery space recently at 4323-A NE Fremont. The small building, set back from the street, is filled with vases, wall pieces, end tables, coffee tables and other objects created by Mary in a unique mosaic inlay style. Photographs taken by the artist have inspired some of the pieces.

Mary's artwork can also be seen in other places in the neighborhood. An exhibit of her photos set in hand designed frames is being shown at Bravo Café and a number of her art pieces are part of the permanent collection at McMenamin's Kennedy School (on NE 33rd).

During the month of December, Mary will host her 4th Annual Holiday Bazaar at the gallery, which will feature affordable artwork by a variety of local artists. That show will run through December 24th. The gallery is open Friday and Saturday noon to 6 p.m., Sunday noon - 4 p.m. and by appointment 503-249-2147. Visit Hail Mary soon, an exciting addition to our neighborhood.

(UPDATE: Hail Mary has closed shop on its NE Fremont location, and moved to NE Alberta St.)

Business Focus
Kim Hong

Taste Vietnam

by Margaret Davis

Long a neighborhood institution, Kim Hong has been serving up generous portions of modern comfort food for more than a dozen years at 4239 NE Fremont Street, in the heart of Beaumont Village.

From the moment you are led to one of the casual, airy rooms and a pot of hot tea is set down on the table, owner Hieu Phung and Kim Hong staff treat customers to a satisfying, straight-ahead dining experience. The 162 dishes exemplifying central Vietnamese-style cooking range from crab and asparagus soup (#15) to spicy chicken with broccoli (#79) and from all manner of tofu dishes: tofu with cashews (#151) or almonds (#153) get high marks, to Kim Hong specialties such as scallops with bell pepper (#123) and an outstanding selection of vegetable dishes, the best featuring stir-fried-to-just-tender green beans.

The vegetarian salad rolls (#138) deserve special mention; at the cash register, we overheard one customer saying that she had canvassed the city and found Kim Hong's to be the tastiest. It's true-the combination of fresh cilantro, bean sprouts, vermicelli, and deep-fried tofu wrapped in rice paper and dunked in a tangy peanut sauce may be the restaurant's biggest draw.

Diners can wash all of it down with a beverage from the pan-Asian beer list-China to Thailand, plum wine or a local vintage, a coffee with condensed milk that brews at your table, or perhaps even a salty plum soda.

Kim Hong also does a bustling take-out business, but remember Kim Hong clientele might have that same idea. Restaurant hours are Tuesday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Closed Monday. Telephone number is 503-282-0456.

Thanks to Our Advertisers

The business community along Fremont Ave. and 42nd St. grew, changed, and prospered during the past year. Many of the businesses along these streets and elsewhere in our neighborhood showed support by advertising in the BWNA newsletter. Their ads help us cover the cost of producing the newsletter. We urge our readers to use their services and frequent their shops and restaurants. Thanks to the following for their support:

Americana Frame
Andrine de la Rocha, LMT
Angel Face
Beaumont Florist
Beaumont Properties
Beaumont Wines
Bravo Cafe
Cascade Yoga Center
Cheryl Wilhite, LMT
Columbia Lions Club
Conklin Chiropractor Clinic
Danny K's Restaurant
Jose and Carrie Escobar
Four Seasons Oriental Medicine
Fremont Hair Barn
Fresh Air Sash Cord Repair
Dr. Gerhards, DDS
Kowhai Computing
Laura Rendahl, Interior Design
Lucy Karter, Custom Sewing
Nancy Donehower, PhD.
Papa Murphy's
Paine Webber--Willie Nolan
Patrick Rose
Pierson Property Management
Pups and Cups
Wolf and Son Cabinetmakers

Beaumont Business Association Looking For a Few Members!

By Jose Escobar

Actually, they are looking for as many new members as they can get. The BBA Board discussed the possibility of changing the bylaws to include Home-Based-Businesses and to extend the boundaries of the association at the November meeting. They are also recruiting volunteers for their Second Annual Christmas Caroling Party. Watch for flyers posted in the area businesses.

The next general meeting will be in January; for the time and place or for information about the Association, call Lynn Gibbons at 503-281-2974, or stop by to see her at Christmas In The City.

Alameda Neighborhood Seeks Editor

By Patty Spencer
(Alameda Resident and former Chair of the Alameda Community Association)

The Alameda Community Association (BWNA's neighbor to the west) has been without a newsletter for a year! The previous Editor and the Layout Person both took on other obligations late last year and the Board has been unable to fill the vacancies. We are also looking for someone to gather advertisements for the newsletter.

If your friends, relatives or you live in the Alameda neighborhood, here is an opportunity to become involved. The newsletter team consists of four people: the Editor, the Layout Person, the Advertising Person, and the Distribution Person. We currently have a Distribution Person-Thank You Elizabeth Shepherd! Newsletters are produced five times per year (every other month except July/August). Board members and neighborhood residents provide the articles.

The EDITOR attends monthly Board meetings (4th Monday of the month*), sets deadlines for articles, solicits articles from Board and community members, edits all articles and coordinates with the Layout Person. The LAYOUT PERSON organizes all articles and advertising into the newsletter format, and works closely with the Editor and Advertising Person. The ADVERTISING PERSON contacts area businesses and puts their paid advertising in the newsletter.

The newsletter helps unify our neighborhood and enables us to communicate about community issues, events, and public safety. We want it back!! If you are interested in resurrecting the newsletter, or if you have questions, call Ken Bailey, Chair at 503-287-1685 or Gene Avery, Treasurer at 503-284-1314.

*Monthly board meetings are held at 7 PM, 4th Monday of the month (except December) at the Fremont United Methodist Church, 2620 NE Fremont. Neighborhood residents are encouraged and welcome to attend.

How We Do It

By Mario Caoile

When the vacancy for the BWNA editor opened up, Helen and I thought, well, why not? We needed something to take our minds off our decimated stock portfolio. After 12 years of living in the neighborhood, we went to our first BWNA meeting.... Oops!

Helen is the chief editor and advertising person and I design the pages, although our roles overlap at times. This project is a learning experience for us and we are getting to know our neighbors. We cannot do it, however, without the writers who contribute articles.

Tools we use: Adobe PageMaker, Photoshop, a scanner. A less expensive alternative is Microsoft Publisher. Prepare to spend long hours if you want to produce a fine newsletter.

Neighborhood Email Discussion List

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