E 36 St & Freemont?


by Chris Hathaway Dzubay

Those who patiently wait every morning for the Westbound 33 bus at the corner of NE 35th and Fremont noticed the markings months ago, right after the new concrete curb cuts were completed. In what must be standard protocol, those doing the concrete work finished the job by etching the intersecting street names into the concrete.

Only one problem. The city-hired contractors working the job didn't quite get it right. Only a glance away from street signs clearly labeling the corner as NE 35th AV and FREMONT, the contractors engraved in concrete that will likely last a generation - E 36 ST and FREEMONT.

Why these mystery changes to our neighborhood were made, we can only speculate. Was it simple carelessness, the hurried last act at the end of a long day of hard work? Or was the slight reworking in neighborhood geography and spelling the first step in a calculated campaign to radically change Beaumont Wilshire? I for one, am concerned and on the lookout. Today it's a simple curb cut, but if tomorrows slight misspelling changes Beaumont Hardware to Beaumont Yardware I'm going to be sorely disappointed. I don't know what I'd do if Bagel Land became the Bagel Band.

City Planning Representative to Discuss Fremont Zoning

by Chris Hathaway Dzubay

The planned Sundance Development project on 46th and Fremont (profiled in the last newsletter and the main topic of conversation at the last BWNA General Meeting) awakened a great deal of neighborhood interest and concern about the character and quality of new development on Fremont.

In response to those concerns, the neighborhood association asked, and the City's Bureau of Planning agreed to send a representative to the next neighborhood association meeting. The Planning Bureau representative will discuss the status of the neighborhood plan, zoning along Fremont, and what options residents and the neighborhood association have to become more involved with ensuring that future development along Fremont meets the neighborhood's goals and objectives.

Please join us at 7:30 Monday, February 12 at the Bethany Lutheran Church on 37th and Skidmore for what should be an educational and important discussion.

President's Message

Development in our Neighborhood

Happy New Year! Hopefully the New Year finds everyone well rested, well fed, and happy to begin breaking the newly committed resolutions. It is a great time to begin planning those summer projects and pruning for spring between torrents of rain.

At our last general meeting in December, we were joined by a representative of the proposed Home Depot development in Hollywood and a representative of a development project on Fremont. Judging by the attendance at the meeting, the land use issue in our neighborhood is of interest to many people. I appreciate everyone attending and voicing their opinion, not only on the new condominium/retail development to be constructed at 46th and Fremont, but also on the future of our community as a whole.

What we learned from the meeting is that the zoning in our neighborhood is very broad. Four-story monoliths do conform to current zoning laws, if not the character of the neighborhood. These projects, which appear to be more appropriate in other areas of Portland such as the Pearl District, fit the zoning requirements of Beaumont-Wilshire. The impact on our neighborhood, both good and bad, will be significant.

If you were unable to attend the meeting and have an interest in the topic, please contact our land use committee members. We are currently determining what we can do to influence the design of future developments and welcome your input. If you have experience in this area, we especially need your assistance. I hope to see you all at our next meeting on Monday, February 12.

Willie Nolan, BWNA President

Banners for Beaumont Village

Beaumont Business Association (BBA) was awarded a $2000 matching grant by the Alliance of Portland Business Associations to design and create banners to be hung along Fremont St from NE 39th to NE 48th. The association is soliciting ideas for the design of the banners. Please contact Lynn Gibbons at 503-281-2974 for more information on this project. Also, the association would greatly appreciate donations both monetary and in kind to assist with this project and to 'match' the grant.

At a meeting on January 30th at Bravo Café, members discussed the annual membership drive, which will target home based businesses, and the possibility of allowing businesses from outside the BBA area to become members. For information about the members' decision regarding these issues, or if you're interested in joining or attending the next meeting, please contact Lynn Gibbons at Christmas In The City, 4714 NE Fremont; you may call her at 503-281-2974.

Flower Power

By Janet Baker

Beaumont Middle School should be a little more colorful in the spring of 2001. On a chilly January afternoon, eight students and seven adults planted 840 bulbs around the trees and on the "ivy hill" (which shows virtually no sign of ivy life now thanks to our fall weeding project!).

Sometime later in the spring you should see: 285 King Alfred daffodils; 340 dwarf irises; 155 tall white irises and 40 other miscellaneous bulbs. A big thank-you to everyone that planted that day. We also want to send a special thanks to Heather Leek who donated the bulbs for the project.

The next step in this project will be to plant new shrubs and some small trees in the beds by the front doors. March 18th will be our next big planting day so mark your calendars. The students will get a reminder notice when we get closer to the date. If you want to be on the project email list, please send a message to me at

Tree Planting

By Chris Hathaway Dzubay

While the BWNA mounts large tree planting projects every other year (and this is an off year), Friends of Trees Seed the Future Campaign continues this winter in other nearby neighborhoods. Volunteers are key to a successful neighborhood planting and always needed. Joining other neighborhood tree planting is a great way to see new areas of the city, meet folks from other neighborhoods, and give something back to the community.

To volunteer for these or other upcoming plantings, call the Friends of Trees Seed the Future Hotline at 503.284.8733. And remember, it's not too early to start deliberating between tree choices for next year's BWNA planting.

Upcoming area plantings include:

Piedmont 2.17.01
Woodlawn 2.17.01
Overlook 2.17.01
King 2.24.01
Humboldt 2.24.01
Concordia 3.17.01
Cully 3.17.01

Neighbors Deliver

By Jeanne Federovitch

The BWNA newsletter is hand delivered to homes and businesses every two months by 55 dedicated neighborhood volunteers. BWNA's delivery volunteers are your neighbors and like all of us they have busy lives, but every two months they take a few hours to walk through their neighborhoods and delivery this newsletter you your doorstep. The next time you see one of them, please give them a hardy thanks. The BWNA board wants to thank and recognize the following BWNA neighbors, some of whom have been delivering newsletters to your homes since the 80's!

Here are the people who bring your newsletter to you:

Christine Hardy
Pauline Tait
Becky Walsh
Deena Stach
Michele Frisella
Carrie Escobar
Jo Martins
Sally Sincic
Kiersten Crane
Courtney Lobo
Cathy Brown
Susan McNeilly
Sam Fenstermacher
John Jackson
Joanne Dean
Pam Mahon
Ron Benoist
Joanne Devereux
Kent Meisel
Bill and Helen Abernathy
Danielle Walters
Larry and Becky Walsh
Dr. Randy Hewitt
Kyra Thompson
Mike and Kay Kaplan
Tim and Jewel Lehman
Karon and Jim Pittman and Family
Bryan Batchelder
John DeMoulin
Matt Carter
Debra Kennedy
KC and Mary Shaw
Jim Klein and Mary Rozen
Kyle Cleys
Paula Young
Ms. Jan Gillespie
Virginia Wilkinson
Chris Neimeth
Christi Melcher
Beth McDowell
Joanne Harris
Dorothy Parsons
Tim Cooper
David Johnson
Claudia Lothrop
Cecile Saqueton
Bill Volmer
Bruce Crest
Ann Fruechte
Laura Tateishi Selis
Dawn Dzubay & Chris Hathaway
Iola Halligon
Liz Johnston
Naoki Kawamura
Tim and Will Kuhn

Metro Update

Councilor Rex Burkholder

Hello! I'm excited to begin my first term as your Metro Councilor, and look forward to working with the people in my district. I believe effective government must listen to every voice. I encourage you to stop by or call me to talk about the issues in the region that concern you. Government is good when good people are willing to get involved. I ask you to join me in our work to create a world that is both beautiful and just.

This year I chair the Regional Facilities and Operations Committee, which sets policy for Metro facilities, including the Oregon Zoo, the Oregon Convention Center, and the Expo Center. In 2001, Metro will complete the new Hall D at the Expo Center and consider replacing aging Expo buildings. We will also oversee expansion of the convention center, with groundbreaking scheduled in February.

I also serve on the Budget and Finance Committee, the Community Planning Committee, and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation. We are currently developing work plans for each committee, which the council will review in February.

For more information, or to share your priorities for 2001, please call me at (503) 797-1546, or check out our web site: http://www.metro-region.org.

Business Focus
Beaumont Market

Sixty Four Years and Still Going Strong

By Janet Baker

Where can you buy three kinds of pickled red cabbage? If you guessed Safeway or Albertson's or Fred Meyer, sorry but you aren't even warm. Try a little closer to home. Try one of our neighborhood's oldest businesses, Beaumont Market.

es, last year when I was searching for red cabbage I couldn't turn up a single jar in those major stores. Weeks after I had given up in frustration, I happened to be in Beaumont Market and spied, not one, but three different brands of red cabbage. From here on out I will just have to walk three blocks for red cabbage, something I am doing for more of my groceries these days.

Beaumont Market has a wide variety of groceries, all tightly packed in tidy shelves that they constantly are restocking. The checkers are friendly, and carefully watch the store traffic to make sure you don't have a long wait in line. In addition to the grocery items, there is an amazing amount of other "stuff" - look up as it goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling, including some things hanging from the ceiling. You can always find a last minute gift item somewhere in Beaumont, although it could take some time to review all the options.

Our newsletter has covered many of the new businesses along Fremont, but let's not forget one of our real gems that has been in the neighborhood for 64 years (13 year under the current owners). Most of us probably take it for granted that we can run down there for munchies, or Xerox our tax forms at the last minute, or put up notices on the bulletin board, or buy a gift, but few neighborhoods are lucky enough to have such a great store.

In an era of high gas prices and increasing traffic congestion, I know I for one will be shopping more at Beaumont Market in the future. And it won't just be for red cabbage.

Business Focus
Beaumont Chiropractic Clinic--Frank Prideaux

Back Problem? Check Here

by Helen Koba

Twenty-one years is how long Dr. Frank M. Prideaux has had his chiropractic office, the BEAUMONT CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC, in the Beaumont Plaza at 4211 NE Fremont St. Helping people get well and strong is what he likes doing best. Frank graduated from PSU, and then from Western Chiropractic College in 1978. After spending a few years at two other clinics, he took over his current space, which had been a chiropractic office since the 1950s, from the doctor who was retiring. That was back in April 1980.

Dr. Frank Prideaux says that during these many years, he has seen businesses come and go in the BWNA area. What he likes about the neighborhood is how well the residents and businesses get along. Many of the local residents know him by name or by sight and he appreciates that they watch out for his and other businesses when owners are not around. Even with the hustle and bustle of the growing and changing neighborhood, Dr. Prideaux feels that in general BWNA is a family oriented neighborhood and for that reason, he likes it.

As a chiropractic physician, he specializes in musculo-skeletal procedures, concentrating on neck and back injuries. People who have had sports injuries, been injured on the job, or have been in a motor vehicle accident benefit from these treatments. He also sees patients who are referred from rehabilitation clinics. He enjoys the physical contact his profession offers, a 'hands on' and interface with patients that many other types of medical professionals no longer offer. Star Berry, his receptionist of eight years and Cheryl Wilhite, a licensed massage therapist, also work in the clinic. The Beaumont Chiropractic Clinic is located at 4211 NE Fremont and you can reach the doctor and his staff at 503-287-6666.

Business Focus
Edward Jones--Brandon Wooters

Window on Investing

By Helen Koba

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, IRAs, Alan Greenspan --- words we hear and see in the news media, but may not have a clear idea of what they mean and how they may affect us. Brandon Wooters, an investment representative and manager of the Edward Jones office located at 4300 NE Fremont, is ready to enlighten us and share his expertise.

Brandon is a graduate of Portland State University, and moved into the Fremont office in October 2000. A new sign in his window will help you find him. As an investment broker and advisor, he offers services to first time and long-time investors including: education, goal setting, strategy planning, and reviewing and updating portfolios. Brandon enjoys getting out and meeting Beaumont Wilshire neighbors.

You may have seen him at your door or on your street as he makes the rounds of the neighborhood introducing himself and inviting people to call or visit him at his office. Brandon also hosts monthly events including open houses, seminars, educational broadcasts over the Edward Jones private satellite network, and other informative activities. For more information about these events and about the services Brandon offers, you may call him at 503-493-1390. He may also be contacted by email through the Edward Jones website: www.edwardjones.com. Welcome to BWNA, Brandon!

Writers Wanted

The BWNA newsletter welcomes letters from our readers on any topics covered in the newsletter, or on any neighborhood issues that are of general interest to our readers. We also invite BWNA residents to submit articles such as business focus articles, upcoming events, and interviews with neighbors who have lived here for a long time, etc. These are just some suggestions. Our readers may have other ideas. Please submit articles either by mail to 4025 NE Shaver 97212, or by email to . Articles should be no longer than 300 words in length and are subject to editing.