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Beaumont-Wilshire Newsletter

The Beaumont-Wilshire Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication (6 issues a year) staffed by Board members of the Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association (BWNA) and volunteers from the neighborhood. Black and white paper copies are distributed to over 2600 neighborhood residences and businesses. A color, printable PDF version is available at: Newsletter Issues.

Residents are encouraged to submit articles and announcements (limited to 300 words) or “Letter to the Board” editorials on topics of local concern (limited to 150 words), all of which are subject to editing. Accompanying photos or graphics need to be submitted separately. Local merchants and organizations may purchase a discounted half-page ad (1 to 6 issues) or two smaller-sized ads for a minimum of 3 issues, with a discount given for 6 issues. (See “Purchase and submission of ads” below.)

Article & Ad Submission Deadlines

The deadline for submitting articles, announcements, “Letter to the Board” editorials, and ads is the second Friday of even-numbered months. This date is publicized in each Newsletter under “BWNA Calendar”. Newsletter distribution takes place during the first week of odd-numbered months.

Submission of articles, announcements & ‘Letter to the Board’ editorials

Submit via e-mail (in WORD format, if possible) prior to the deadline to BWNA newsletter editor Al Ellis:

Submission of photos or graphics to accompany articles

Noting which article goes with what photo or graphic, submit photos and graphics directly to graphic designer Amy Gwilliam at

Submission of Ads

Submit ads to graphic designer Amy Gwilliam at

Purchase & submission of ads

Standard business card size ad: (3.5w x 2.25h inches, landscape/horizontal) = $40 per issue (minimum of 3 issues) $225 for 6 issues (which is a savings of $15)

Double-size ad: (3.5w x 4.25h inches or 7.5w x 2.25h inches, landscape/horizontal) = $60 per issue (minimum of 3 issues) $325 for 6 issues (which is a savings of $35)

Half-page ad (7.5w x 5h inches, landscape/horizontal) = 10% discounted rate of $110 per issue (no minimum number of issues required) 10% discounted rate of $595 for 6 issues

Mail payments in full (checks made out to BWNA) prior to next ad submission deadline to:

Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association ℅ The Postal Station 2000 NE 42nd Avenue, Suite D #394 Portland, OR 97213-1397

Most versatile formats are PDF (Portable Document Format) and tiff files. Send as attachment via e-mail to Al Ellis:

Newsletter Distribution

The newsletter is hand-delivered by neighborhood volunteers. There are usually routes that need captains or delivery people. WE NEED YOU. To volunteer, contact:

Serah Breakstone 971-219-3492 & John Sandie 219-508-4162 Newsletter Distribution Coordinators

Questions? Send newsletter-related correspondence to
Editor Al Ellis () and/or
Assistant Editor Jenny Pietka ()


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